Unsecured Business Loans

Unsecured business loans are a low-risk way for startup or established businesses to obtain finance for large capital…


How do unsecured business loans work?

Unsecured business loans work in a similar way to personal loans. A lump sum is advanced to the business and…


Where to obtain an unsecured loan

There are many choices when it comes to obtaining an unsecured loan for business. Unsecured loans from banks…


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What are unsecured business loans?

A secured business loan involves companies offering collateral to a lender, usually assets such as commercial properties, vehicles and equipment, whereas an unsecured business loan carries no such stipulations.

This flexibility makes unsecured loans hugely attractive to firms still growing their operations, particularly if they don’t yet own or can’t afford to risk losing assets.

Unsecured business loans can have countless applications for enterprises both large and small. From paying suppliers to expanding your product range, from sustaining your current workforce to hiring new staff capable of enhancing your profits. There’s no end to the possibilities that this funding solution can open for your company.

What are the benefits?

Rapid access to business funding from £3,000 to £350,000, with no valuations and minimal legal discussions required
Loan terms can span from a few months to several years depending on your business needs
Continue to buy and sell assets as you need, free from the risk of losing them as collateral